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Published: Sat Apr 25 18:07:20 EDT 2009

Shuttle System Simplified!

Finally, your calls have been answered. I have replaced the entire shuttle network with something more efficient, fast and primitive.

The old shuttle system was excellent, with it's fancy UI and it the way it let you walk around the shuttles. In reality, it was a hindrance. Enjoy the new one! If you notice any problems or want to suggest something, post in the forum;)

Published: Sun Apr 19 22:46:09 EDT 2009

Item Categorisation

Every item in the game is being given a type/subtype category, which will be used for a number of purposes, including:

- Trade Block: The new trading page will allow you to browse by item type to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

- Weapon Skills: Each weapon is placed under a special type, from Rifle to Melee. It will be possible to become skilled in a specific type of weapon, thereby making your account more powerful.

Published: Tue Mar 31 17:47:54 EDT 2009

Fishing, Mining & Engineering

Three professions that have been in and out of circulation will be added by the end of the week.

Fishing will be first. It will receive a few changes to the way it works, along with adding support for fishing items to boost your angling skill!
In addition, there will be a new fishing location installed and more species of fish to catch!

Published: Tue Mar 24 18:36:35 EDT 2009

Two New Features & Menu Change

Two new features were added to the game today:

- Player Notebook
-- Create notes for things that you need to remember, sort them by priority, classify by type: e.g. Idea, To-do, IOU, Statistics, Reminder.

- Point Trading
-- A dedicated point trading page has been created under ACTIONS/Point Trading, which allows players to post their Point selling offers, including the number of Credits they want per point. Anyone can buy their Points from them and the money is sent to the seller's bank account.


There has also been a minor menu change.
- Manage Professions is now under WORLD
- Upgrade Items is now under UPGRADES
- My Hitlist is now under CHARACTER.

Press F5 if your menu has not updated;)

Published: Fri Mar 13 19:43:12 EDT 2009

Slight Bug - Credit Rollback

I was testing the new Point Trading page, and for reasons beyond comprehension, managed to award every account 18,000,000,000,000 Cr.
Fortunately, I backed up last night, so we only lost 8 hours of credit gaining.
Nothing else was affected. This almost never happens. Fortunately, when it did, we were prepared. Many will find themselves with a little bit of extra money, with a few having lost a small amount. Nothing major. If you do have any problems, message cyberkilla.

Published: Fri Mar 13 13:19:15 EDT 2009