Double Points Week!

After over two years of absence, Double Points Week has returned!

Until Friday, 17th January, all points purchases will be doubled! As you can imagine, this promotion is particularly rare, and is unlikely to return for some time, so please take advantage of it while you still can!

Again, I must thank everyone that has supported the game by purchasing Preferred Player and/or points.

It goes towards keeping the game online, and is greatly appreciated :)

Published: Sun Jan 12 15:42:44 EST 2014

The Monster Farm Has Returned!

The Monster Farm has is now online, and can be accessed via Explore/Monster Farm on the menu.

What is the Monster Farm?
The Monster Farm is an endless dungeon comprising of countless chambers; you are required to kill all of the monsters in a chamber before you can progress to the next one. Each time you reach a new chamber, your Monster Farm Level is incremented!

There are badges and other prizes to be won along the way, at key milestones, and a leaderboard to show the most masterful players.

Published: Sun Jan 5 14:18:05 EST 2014

Minor Update: Raiding Flame Bugfix

The raiding flame -- which appears on the stats bar below the header -- will now show up to 10 pending raids in its tooltip.

In addition, it will no longer appear blue when you have joined a raid that isn't shown in the tooltip.

Expect more papercut/annoyance bug fixes this week.

Published: Mon Oct 7 15:24:44 EDT 2013

Outline of the Changes to FutureRP

This week, an outline of all planned changes to FutureRP and a roadmap to their completion, will be published on the forum, for feedback and scrutiny.

It will detail changes to the character progression system, registration process, item effects, skills, guilds, questing, tournaments, back-story, new content, level system changes, base attribute changes, and more.

There is a undoubtedly lot of work involved, but I'm confident that we will begin to feel its benefits very quickly, if we can get our priorities straightened out.

The changes will happen gradually, on a feature-by-feature basis, gradually moving towards our new vision.

I'm still in the process of writing design documents for each of the proposed changes, after which, a draft roadmap will be compiled.

It is all open to debate, and there will be an opportunity for opinions to be expressed before the final roadmap is ratified.

As I've noted in the past, your collective patience surpasses anything I could have expected, and for that, I thank you.

I have every intention of continuing the development of FutureRP, and all promises will be kept.

Time is the enemy, but with a clear roadmap, and a bit of community-scrutiny, there's no doubt in my mind that we can get to where we need to be :)

Published: Sun Jun 30 15:32:16 EDT 2013

Sunday Thieves Event

On Sunday, a special event was activated on FutureRP, which older users may recognise as Thursday Thieves. As you might imagine, it usually happens on a Thursday, but this time, it started over the weekend.

Now that we've cleared that up, here's how it works:

Every hour, a tiny, tiny amount of money seeps out of every player's bank account, into their pockets. This is then vulnerable to attack.
The longer it runs, the more Credits are loose in the system, and yours for the taking!

Please remember, the amount of money seeping out of banks is tiny. Nobody will lose anything of significance. The good thing is that it's cumulative, and when you're doing your usual attacking, you'll find that you end up with a lot more money than normal!

Published: Tue Nov 27 13:55:16 EST 2012

Recent Updates

Just a few quick updates worth mentioning:

- We have a new hourly mini-game called the Credit Multiplier, where players can place bets and if they win, earn 150% back.

- There is also a new feature called the Abandoned Items page, where players can pick up free items! Whenever an item is dropped on the maps for too long, it gets automatically scooped up and added to the Abandoned Items page. This includes uncollected raiding treasure!

- A new guild rank privilege has been added to enable members to purchase upgrades on behalf of the guild, with Free Points, via the Upgrade Centre.

- All raiding now awards experience to the winning side, and strips it from the losers! The more members that join the raid, the more experience will be yielded. Raiding against weak enemies has lower payouts than stronger ones, so spend your turns wisely!

In the near term, raiding will continue to change, as will the experience gain formula, so please try to keep an open mind if it becomes slightly more conservative ;-)

Published: Wed Sep 19 17:17:30 EDT 2012