Privacy Policy (Last Modified: 28th March 2021)

The Internet is a difficult place to remain anonymous nowadays. It is often useful to be able to see which information a website is collecting about you. Below is an outline of the information we store, and why:

First-Party Cookies

When you are logged into FutureRP we store a small session cookie on your computer that lasts for the lifetime of your session. If you also tick "Remember Me" on the login page, we will store an additional cookie that we can use to preserve your session between visits to the website. They are quite harmless and a fundamental aspect of browsing the Internet.

Third-Party Cookies

For the purposes of monitoring website usage, we currently use Google Analytics. This enables us to determine the most used web browsers, the proportion of players from each country, etc. This may result in some third-party cookies being set.

We may occasionally serve banner adverts as a means to fund the website, which might make use of third-party cookies to track impressions, etc.

Personal Information

We do not share your details with any third parties, without your express permission. We store your username, email address, etc., on our servers; we do our best to keep this information secure. The extent of the information we store about you is kept to a minimum.

Note: We also record some of the details of your web browser's communications with our servers (including IP addresses) for our anti-cheat system, and to help assess/mitigate security threats (e.g. exploits, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks) against the website.

Something else?

If you have any problems with, questions, suggestions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.