What's changed?

Well, I have been working on the new maps of the Quest for the past week, and I'm almost ready to deploy it!:D

In addition, there have been several bugfixes, including "Earn Free Points", and the Skill 'Purify'(More information in forum under General).

I have also been drawing 'Default Avatars' for accounts. They aren't of the highest quality yet, but I am pleased with their outcomes, having only a few weeks experience with a graphics tablet:)
More things to come!;)

Published: Tue Nov 13 15:47:40 EST 2007

Happy Halloween!

For the next 7 days, it is Double Points on all Point Purchases!
Thank you everyone who supports the game!

A special item, the "Pumpkin Mask of Deviance", is being distributed, in addition to a large quantity of cursed Item Mods, to increase the power of your items! The Mods will last forever!

Published: Wed Oct 31 11:40:24 EDT 2007

Battle Rewards Twice as Good!

I have doubled the quantity of experience you gain and strip during attacks!

A lot of people complained about there not being enough, and now there is(and its pretty much on part of what it gave in the old version!)

You will notice that growing is a heck of a lot more reasonable! Enjoy!

Published: Mon Oct 29 20:37:54 EDT 2007

Welcome New Players!

If any of you have any trouble understanding the game(and this includes existing players), feel free to contact me through the ingame message system.

Send messages to: Cyberkilla.

Any administrator or mod will be happy to help too! A tutorial is being made in the next few days.

Published: Wed Oct 17 22:37:21 EDT 2007

Dynamic Userbars!

If you know what a userbar is, it might be worth looking HERE!

There is a FutureRP Userbar with your level and character type shown. More to come.

Published: Wed Oct 17 16:09:12 EDT 2007

Welcome To FutureRP Round 4!

Finally, I have been able to get this thing online!

I think you will appreciate the majority of the work I've put in on this massive update. Not doubt there will be features that irritate you. Post about them in the forum, and I will make sure that everything is the way you think it should be!

It has been a long time in the making, and the speed improvements are pretty significant!

I will post about the few remaining things to be completed, and what I plan to do next in the forum! Enjoy, and if you don't, message me in the forum so we can sort your problems out!;)

Published: Tue Oct 16 10:40:09 EDT 2007