Bugfixes & Updates [29th Jan 10]

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N/A Today
Fixed bug that froze chat room when certain characters were inserted accidentally.
Begin Template Tweaks
This new template is now in good condition. It passes as valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. Only the header & footer have been improved so far, but I will soon replace the old rpStandard with this version.
End Template Tweaks
Finally, I've spent a fews hours today working on a new map for low level players. It should be online by Tuesday evening.

Published: Sun Jan 31 17:08:32 EST 2010

Bugfixes & Updates [29th Jan 10]

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0000184: [Interface/Theme] Attack results show [out-of-date] avatars

Updated player and guild search pages - put the output into dialog boxes for consistency.

Begin Template Tweaks
I have updated the rpStandard template and added a CSS-only menu, whilst removing a great deal of TABLE tags. I urge you to try it - the load times should be smaller and the menu is faster.

It is still in a "testing" stage, so expect the odd issue. At the moment if should be relatively stable.

To try it out, go to CHARACTER/Member's Page->Change Style and select rpStandard2.0 (Volatile; Testing only)
End Template Tweaks

Published: Fri Jan 29 18:24:21 EST 2010

Bugfixes & Updates [22th Jan 10]

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0000183: [Engine/Player Accounts] Support top 8 allies & enemies on Allies & Enemies feature!

Published: Fri Jan 22 12:31:45 EST 2010

Bugfixes & Updates [21th Jan 10]

Begin Player Allies & Enemies

I have almost finished it! Click here for a screenshot.

Only two things need to be finished:
#1. The link allowing you to send alliance requests and mark enemies.
#2. The little page that lists all of your allies and enemies for other players to see.

Both are very minor, but I've ran out of time for today.

In the meantime, I have copied over your current allies & enemies from the old system. Feel free to try *this link* and mess around with it. Feedback welcome.

WARNING: The new allies page will not affect your account yet, beyond the page itself. Deleting alliances on that page will have no external effect and I plan to copy them ALL one more time, before I remove the old system.

If you want to see what 8 allies and 8 enemies will look like on your profile, check MY PROFILE as mine is the only one configured to display them at the moment.
End Player Allies & Enemies

- Bank Credit Transfer form has had its slider removed. Instead, the input box responds to every key and calculates the cost after every key press.

Published: Thu Jan 21 17:22:29 EST 2010

Bugfixes & Updates [19th Jan 10]

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- 0000182: [Engine/Other] Create Internal Wiki System

- Work has begun on simplifying the [WORLD/Explore] pages.
- The News Archive page is online!
- Extended Statistics may be ready tomorrow; I'm also considering adding Jabber, Gamertags and multiple website fields to the contact details.

Published: Tue Jan 19 15:59:46 EST 2010

Bugfixes & Updates [18th Jan 10]

No bug tracker stuff to report today. Everything that has been done has been unworthy of a bug report, or not quite finished enough to mark it as such.

Begin Keyboard Shortcuts

I've implemented keyboard shortcut feature. There are only a handful of shortcuts at the moment, but feel free to try them out:
- Press 'm' on your keyboard to go to your mail inbox.
- Use WASD keys in World without having to put your mouse into the map box.
- Press 'n' to compose a new message.
- Press 'h' to go to the home page.
- Press 'x' on a player's profile to attack them.
End Keyboard Shortcuts

The potential for enhancing your usage of the game with shortcut keys is huge. The less often you have to lift your hand from the keyboard, the faster you'll get things done.

Coming up tomorrow:
- Internal Wiki site for documentation, tutorials and possibly (eventually) even guild use.
- CSS main menu for default theme. Quicker, degrades better and more compatible with mobile browsers (plus anyone who likes to use the keyboard instead).
- News archive page, for those who want to see all of the wonderful things I've promise over the years and fell short of;)
- Initial release of "Extended Player Statistics" (if there's time). It will be a page full of logs, attributes, averages and various other statistics that we record on every player. Quite a handy page for boasting of your greatness.
- Attempts to standardise/simplify the UI of the World page. Navigation for new players using the "Continue" portal plug-in and talking to NPC Merchants is quite baffling, even though it seems obvious after you figure it out.

Published: Mon Jan 18 16:05:56 EST 2010