FutureRP Jabber Server

FutureRP has a new chat server (XMPP/Jabber), open to everyone! For more information, please visit this link:


You can connect to our chat rooms from any client that supports Jabber. Don't worry, there is a quick & easy Javascript client available for those who don't want too much hassle.

Note: This is entirely unrelated to the standard FutureRP chatrooms under COMMUNITY/Chat Room on the main menu. The Jabber server is something new that we've been testing - you are welcome to join us.

We have been experimenting with bots, which respond to commands and give you information like: "total players online", "available bounties", "how many attacks has player X done today", etc. It has proven to be quite popular amongst the regulars.

Published: Tue Jan 5 16:55:57 EST 2010

Free Flash Games Site

Not strictly a FutureRP announcement, but my other website, IdiotArcade.com, was released today and features a number of classic arcade games already.

By Christmas, it should be sporting a good 100+ hand-picked flash games.

Published: Tue Nov 24 20:54:25 EST 2009

Details of Next Content Pack

Many features will be upgraded, from trading to banking and the backpack system; however, these aren't top priority.

The main priority is the development of a new planet, for new players and everyone else for that matter.

Part of this addition requires me to replace the existing character types with three new ones, which will be integrated with the new skill system.

The new skill system is a combination of the functionality of Professions and the existing Skills feature. You will get a handful of race-specific skills to learn, plus a great deal of common ones. There will even be the chance to unlock special skills by completing quests.

Tonight, I removed Halloween Land, as it's been on for long enough!:) Tomorrow - and leading up to Christmas - I will focus entirely on getting new maps set on the new planet online, along with the first beta-stage replacement skills.

For a time, you will be able to test the new skills whilst keeping the old ones. Once enough new skills are installed, the old skill system will be dropped.

For more details about the new skill system, check the forum over the next few days - I'll be posting something.

There are already two threads explaining the new character types and the new world. I apologise for this rather long news post;)

- New Character Type Specifications
- New Map Design Notes

Published: Tue Nov 24 19:54:05 EST 2009

Bug Fixes - Wednesday 25th

The thumbnail cache isn't flushed when a player/guild avatar is changed.(Bug #178)

Published: Tue Nov 24 19:31:51 EST 2009

Bug Fixes - Sunday 15th

Incoming raids falsely report zero members joined (Bug #174)

Will continue to be updated throughout the day.

Published: Fri Nov 6 10:14:35 EST 2009

Halloween Land Still Going!

Halloween Land is still going, but for how long? Take advantage of its plentiful bounties while you can!

If you need help finding Halloween Land, just click this link to be teleported instantly (you need to be logged in to use that link).

It's not over yet! A handful more items will be added to the store, plus one level 100+ item for the Rift Entity boss! There is also the quick mini-quest planned - Trick or Treat!

In case you're wondering, the houses with ghosts seeping out of the roof will soon allow you to knock on the door, or enter. It should be finished for the 5th November.

Published: Wed Nov 4 18:17:30 EST 2009