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Latest News

Check here for the latest news, details of upcoming updates, competitions, and much more!

Future RP current state and future. (6)
By Kamikaze
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Idea Submission

Post your ideas here; if it's a good one, it may even be implemented!

Cloneable items (5)
By Maddox
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Development Discussion

For discussing the ongoing development process.

Guild - Raid [Development] (3)
By Cyberkilla
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Community Latest Reply Topics Posts


General FutureRP discussions.

FRP Screenshots Thread (225)
By Tinj
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Request Help

Having a problem? Let us help you; post it here.

HELP (1)
By Kamikaze
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Character Biographies

Outline your character's background story here!

The age of the poison ministry - Sannesara (2)
By sannesara
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Off-topic discussions.

Investing in Stocks (2)
By Mightyafro
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Advertise or request imagery, such as avatars.

Monthly Comic Strip Competition (7)
By Cyberkilla
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Item Trading

Looking for an Item? Discuss them here, and offer trades!

Dragon set (0)
By Mightyafro
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Point Selling

Selling points? Discuss your prices here.

Points (0)
By Mightyafro
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Guilds Latest Reply Topics Posts


Searching for a new guild? Post here!

[Recruiting] Invisible War has vacancies! (18)
By DemonicJ
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Alliances & Warfare

Discuss your allies, and your mortal enemies.

Emperor Zurg (2)
By Lord Symphony
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Game Spoilers Latest Reply Topics Posts


Discuss the items you've gotten your hands on here.

Energy Blade (0)
By Kuzachika
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Looking for an obscure skill? Need advice on training? Look here.

About the skill system (0)
By Cyberkilla
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Talk about the various monsters and shifty characters you've had the misfortune to meet.

Boss NPCs (7)
By Forger
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Discuss the best places to hunt, the cheapest hotels, etc.

The Forest of Trials (4)
By Cyberkilla
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Discuss quests, seek help, etc.

No subject (0)
By Mightyafro
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World Builder

Suggestions, general discussions, help and support.

World Builder Costs (2)
By Maddox
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Bug Reporting

Report bugs and other issues here. If the issue is sensitive, please contact an administrator directly instead!

Item Hover (14)
By DemonicJ
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