Double Points Week

To celebrate the New Year, it is double points on the Buy Points page.

Published: Sun Dec 30 23:46:35 UTC 2007

Missions finished!

The missions system is working!

You can't do any missions yet, but expect a few up at some point tomorrow!

What are they anyway? Well, they allow support for characters in the quest that ask you to do them favours for rewards, or for you to go on a long, detailed adventure, with a progress tracker, so you can see what your next task is, and what you have already done!

This is brilliant news! Feel free to consider it dubious until there is proof, because it's coming:D

Published: Sun Dec 23 0:28:44 UTC 2007


I have upgraded the forum, and the random hourly prize system will tell you when you have won something.

Also, I am working on a new expansion of the quest, and some of the first 'super bosses'. It is all very interesting stuff. I'll update you on the forum soon. Have a few things to finish with that later tonight.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of the game, both in terms of funding, and just playing;)

Published: Wed Nov 28 17:52:53 UTC 2007

Bug Fixes, and Updates!

I have fixed a few bugs, including the guild average experience. It's now calculated, so you should see that on guild profiles now.

Also, I have made some changes to the way raiding works, and it looks like its getting good feedback, so it will be online very soon(few hours).

Published: Sun Nov 18 14:15:07 UTC 2007

What's changed?

Well, I have been working on the new maps of the Quest for the past week, and I'm almost ready to deploy it!:D

In addition, there have been several bugfixes, including "Earn Free Points", and the Skill 'Purify'(More information in forum under General).

I have also been drawing 'Default Avatars' for accounts. They aren't of the highest quality yet, but I am pleased with their outcomes, having only a few weeks experience with a graphics tablet:)
More things to come!;)

Published: Tue Nov 13 20:47:40 UTC 2007

Happy Halloween!

For the next 7 days, it is Double Points on all Point Purchases!
Thank you everyone who supports the game!

A special item, the "Pumpkin Mask of Deviance", is being distributed, in addition to a large quantity of cursed Item Mods, to increase the power of your items! The Mods will last forever!

Published: Wed Oct 31 15:40:24 UTC 2007