Christmas Map Online!

The first part of the Christmas map is online!

To reach it, go to EXPLORE/World.

If you are still in the old place, catch a space shuttle to "Christmas Land";)

Published: Wed Dec 24 19:59:36 EST 2008

Double Points Week!

This is the first time for a long time that we've had a double points week!

In anticipation of Christmas, not to mention to official release of the game at some point in January, for every 50 Points you buy, we give you 100 instead!

Click HERE to find out how.

The duration of the double points week is currently 5 days. It may be expanded or reduced depending on how much of an impact if makes. Enjoy!;)

Published: Mon Dec 15 12:58:58 EST 2008


Good news;) I passed my driving test first time today!

As a result, I'm sending all active players a few points.

I can focus more on the game now, so do expect to see some changes around here:)

I don't have a great deal of specific news for you today. I'm basically following up/finishing the to-do list I laid out in earlier posts. It's progressing at a reasonable rate now and I would imagine that the vast majority of it will be online before Christmas.

As always, keep an eye open for new features. There will always be a mention of them on the forum, shout box or this one(news box).

Published: Wed Dec 10 16:35:27 EST 2008

So, What's Next Then?

Well, as you may have noticed, everybody has been dumped onto the first space station.

It is not finished yet, but then, nor was the map I took you all from;)

It is the first place a new player will appear, and so, is aimed mainly at levels 1-20.

There are things for you to do, and I'll be getting some planets online tomorrow to satisfy the demand for more powerful prey;)

Give me a bit of time here. It's a lot of work for one person to do.

Once the starchart viewer is finished(tomorrow), you'll have a much clearer picture of where you are and what you are doing.

Hold in there.
Oh, and if you REALLY want to wander around the old maps for the next few days, the Space Shuttle takes you back as part of it's route to an Asteroid. Go and see if you can figure it out;)
Any suggestions are welcomed. Please post them in the forum, however.

Published: Wed Nov 26 21:37:06 EST 2008

An oddity has been fixed!

The Earn Free Points page has been working poorly for the past month!

After checking the logs, I discovered the reason why - the page was passing an invalid user ident. Don't ask me how:) I haven't changed anything on their for a while so I don't know how the issue arose.

There is good news, however! I fixed it, and I have a list of players who will soon be receiving points!

fryboy2121,94r91,xRockyx,Soul Breaker,guywithasock, lemoncheeseman,
SuperSonic11,DeadAim,GoldBond, WwWwW,stevebat,debbie2free,ammogimp,
Gert,vin,CookieMonsta121187, Dark Killer,steelfrenzy,iverson3, Jomommagay,

UPDATE: Points awarded;)

Published: Sun Nov 23 12:39:56 EST 2008

Productive Day!

I have had a REALLY productive day today. It's actually getting quite exciting again, with all of the new stuff just around the corner.

Some of the things done today:

  • Improved Merchant NPC plugin - Items are arranged in categories.

  • General Store NPC takes over duties of the Armoury for now. He will sell you everything that used to be on that page.

  • Quest now shows the offline players in an area as CAMPING. It means they don't disappear and make the maps look vacant. More to attack too;)

  • Random Slaughter removed - replaced by Swift Kill List on attack page, which is much more efficient and performs a similar, if not better function as it selected 5 enemies.

  • Tutorial Map made for new players. Simplistic at the moment, but very useful to introduce them to the game.

  • Lookout point finally has a Wise Man, although he isn't speaking to anyone yet:)

  • Improvements to Wiki UI and content.

There were some other things but I can't remember what they were:)

In addition, I am planning on periodic FutureRP newsletter for all players. You'll be able to opt in and out via your preference page in a few days.

It will give you a list of the top players and guilds, the latest news, information about upcoming changes to the game, forewarning about new Item sets and monsters being added, etc.

I thought it would be a nice touch:)

Published: Tue Oct 21 16:44:57 EDT 2008