Need More Time

I need more time to complete this newsletter. The way I've pushed back the deadline would have you believe I'm in the process of writing a novel!

In fact, although the newsletter will be rather large, that's not the problem. As I've mentioned, it's quite a lot to explain, and it needs to be done in one go.

There are other - technical - issues, however. The newsletter is designed to be sent at the end of the month, not the beginning, so I need to make a few modifications. I then need to improve the checks that are done prior to sending it (to avoid additional grief from Yahoo).

I hate to keep the minority of people who are even remotely interested in my plans waiting, but it's important we don't have a repeat of last month's fiasco. I cannot risk being blacklisted (innocently) from a major email provider;)

Published: Mon Jun 1 16:23:40 EDT 2009

Newsletter Delayed; One Day

I have decided that it's worth delaying the newsletter until the 1st, instead of sending it out tonight.

There is a lot to explain and I would like to do it properly. In addition, there are a few issues to sort out with Yahoo subscribers, because they insist on pressing "junk" instead of "delete", which causes us a lot of trouble. It needs to be done properly, so more time is needed.

It's quite exciting stuff, but it's also very daunting. Until tomorrow,


Published: Sun May 31 16:21:44 EDT 2009

Comic Strip Competition

The monthly comic strip competition has started! There isn't long left for submissions...

To enter, please see the following link:

Published: Thu May 21 16:24:30 EDT 2009

Great News!

Yahoo! has resolved most of the mail delivery problems, so users who sign up with a Yahoo! email address shouldn't have any serious problems now!

In addition, the FutureRP Twitter channel will be used as much as possible, so be sure to follow us if you're interested in the development of the game.

Published: Sun May 10 19:45:59 EDT 2009

Problems with Yahoo! mail?

If you are using Yahoo! mail and you can't get your account verification links or password reminders, send an email to admin[at]futurerp[dot]net and the problem will be resolved.

Yahoo! has taken to blocking almost every email we send, because certain individuals click "SPAM" instead of "Delete" (it's more convenient to do so, apparently). The issue will be resolved soon.

If you do get an email and it's in your bulk folder, please do us a favour and flag it "not spam";)

Published: Thu May 7 20:28:38 EDT 2009

Vote For The Best Comic!

Submissions to the comic competition for April 2009 have been collected and it's time to vote!

Which one do you think deserves a Point prize? Post your vote [url=board_thread.php?id=2399]here[/url].

Published: Sat Apr 25 18:07:20 EDT 2009