New Chat Room Soon

One of the next updates will be to the chatroom, which will gain support for external clients, bots, viewing multiple rooms in tabs, new commands and much more!

It also goes without saying that the world will be gradually acquiring content for the next for months. It's a slow process to add quests, items and new maps, so you'll have to bear with me;). The first place to get quests will be the Largos Station (for new players).

If you have suggestions for anything, please post it in the forum, where your ideas will be seen and responded to. It's quite an exciting time for the game!:)

Published: Sun Mar 8 18:39:31 EDT 2009

New Speciality Store Items

The Speciality Store has been given eight new items and there are two new potions on the way too!

So, everyone with SS Credits from Preferred Player, take a look! This batch is aimed more at the level 40-70 players, but there are more to come.

A few of the items are also available for standard Points, but most of this batch is for Preferred Players.

What is Preferred Player? Simply log into your account and click here.

Published: Sat Mar 7 12:51:06 EST 2009

Monthly Comic Strip Competition

The comic strip competition has begun! Get your entries in by the 28th of February to participate.

Please submit all images to the thread in the forum, entitled "Comic Competition Submission Thread".

Published: Mon Feb 16 14:35:30 EST 2009

FutureRP Newsletter Nearly Ready!

The first edition of the monthly FutureRP Newsletter will be finished soon.

The newsletter will feature monthly statistics for guilds and players, the latest news, a main newsletter article, a list of which features are being added in the coming month, details on new Items to be added to the Speciality Store and the occasional 'gift code'.

The gift code will appear every now and then, only in newsletters. When used, it will give YOUR character(each code is linked to your account) limited edition items, points or some other reward.

There is also talk of a monthly comic strip competition which will hand out a small reward and a feature on the monthly newsletter.

In addition, every newsletter ever released will be archived for browsing in the future.

Published: Tue Feb 10 18:59:16 EST 2009

Speciality Store Credits

Everyone who has had Preferred Player in Round 4 has been given a back-pay of Speciality Store Credits, as promised:)

This is in anticipation of the new stock that will be added to the Speciality Store in Round 5;)

Published: Sun Jan 25 9:25:23 EST 2009

New Bug Tracker Installed!

I have installed a proper bug tracker at:

If you want to help, please read the Bug Reporting forum HERE (you need to be logged into the game;)).

Published: Tue Jan 6 9:37:23 EST 2009