Updates List

The site-wide updates have started.

You can view an ongoing list of updates HERE.

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If you have any ideas/suggestions for the game, feel free to post them in the Idea Submission forum;)

Published: Wed Apr 30 19:37:17 EDT 2008

Upgrade Process

Okay, it is almost time for me to get all of those idea submissions implemented.

From tomorrow(most likely), I will begin by fixing any oddities noted on the bug reports forum. Next, I will browse through the list of idea submissions and create a todo list out of everything that seems viable.

Among the most blatant requests are expansions to the quest, cheaper items for new players, and bank allowance increases.

Again, I want to thank everyone who has recently supported the game through Preferred Player/Points;)

Published: Mon Apr 21 18:02:18 EDT 2008

An update, finally;)

Just to avoid any confusion, Double Points week is finished.

I have several new things coming other the next few days.

More maps installed, more beginner Items, a handful of Item Mods, bugfixes, and hopefully some access to the new site template I've been working on;)

I appreciate all of your patience and thank you everyone who continues to support the game!;)

Maps are the priority, because they have been requested the most.

Published: Wed Apr 16 13:18:57 EDT 2008

Double Points Week!

Well, everything is going great!

The quest development is nearly finished, and I expect to have an update for you on that very soon.

To celebrate finally having a questing system with potential, it's Double Points for a full week!

For every 25 points, you receive 50.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support. It is very much appreciated, and soon there will be big changes to the game;)

Published: Tue Mar 25 11:12:40 EDT 2008

Bug Fixes.

I have fixed the Guild Allies bug in Raids, and an issue in the Quest with NPCs not respawning.

I am working on the new maps, some of which I expect to be online by tomorrow night.

There is lots more to come:)

Thank you, everyone who support the game!;)

Published: Sun Mar 9 13:56:06 EDT 2008

Maps and Raiding

Just a small update for everyone..

There has been a few bug fixes in the trade store, particularly with auctions.

In addition, I am almost finished with my work on the Pirate King's Tomb(at foothills of the volcano), which will be installed in the next few days.

New Raiding Update

Finally, I just wanted to inform everyone that raids against Boss NPCs in the quest will be more plentiful, and will work in a slightly different way.
It is a much more interesting, and fair raiding system, due to be installed early tomorrow morning;)

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Remember to leave any suggestions/ideas you have in the forum, because I do listen:)

Published: Sun Feb 3 19:28:22 EST 2008