Player Alliances Page Updated

I have updated the Allies & Enemies page, and set any incoming enemy declarations to hidden on the target's profile.

What that means is, if you make someone your enemy, it will only be shown on your profile, not theirs.

Published: Mon Oct 20 11:06:57 EDT 2008

Changing Available Races

I will explain the changes to races in the new Wiki I'm setting up.

There are a few more super races that have not been added yet.

Published: Wed Oct 15 15:14:30 EDT 2008

Progress Today

The Assembler Skill!

This skill allows the user to construct all sorts of objects based upon their Blueprints.

It is a high-tech skill that requires a player to learn how to use the assembly control device, which is currently a special glove;)

The reasoning behind this is simple - the game is futuristic, so something like this is more plausible than having a handful of less interesting skills to learn, such as Blacksmithing, Tailoring, etc.
A screenshot of the skill's control page is [here].

Published: Sun Sep 28 17:41:35 EDT 2008

Progress Today

Today, I have brought the second Boss NPC raid online, dropping the recently refurbished up Devastation Set;)

He lives at Wilderness [7] - T.U.R.C Entrance(15,1).

Published: Wed Sep 17 13:20:54 EDT 2008

Today's Progress

Today, I've cleaned a lot of code up and moved the beginner's fishing area nearer the settlement.

A lot of people complained that it was too much of a trek to reach it and go back to the settlement for supplies;)

Finally, I have finished the second Boss NPC! His name is "Titan, the Furious", and he drops some rather sought after items every now and then.

You can't see him yet though - the map he lives in is not connected to the main map. I will do this tomorrow, as I ran out of time today.

Published: Tue Sep 16 18:24:14 EDT 2008

First New Boss NPC

The first new Boss NPC has been added at Wilderness [1](18,1).

The Boss will sometimes drop Items into your guild's vault when you defeat it.

This is very much an experiment. There is no way to know for sure whether I have stumbled upon the optimum settings for raiding. Only time and testing will reveal this to us.

The NPC is a medium/low power boss, with the strengths detailed on it's profile page. Simply click it's name to see what it is capable of.

Invisible War struck it just a few moments ago - we utterly destroyed it without a single counterstrike. This is to be expected from our levels, but it's target player range should find it a worthy adversary, if all is well.

Hopefully it is:) Nevertheless, give it a kick - the items it may drop are a cheaper option than buying them in the armoury;)

Published: Thu Sep 11 19:51:57 EDT 2008