Armoury Bug-fixes

A few minor bug-fixes today:

Costing by Cost descending is not very reliable at the moment, so I've sorted it in ascending order (lowest to highest). I expect to have support for both directions at some point, but it really isn't worth the hassle for the small utility the function serves.

Also, when a vendor has no stock left, but their asking price is lower, it will not be shown as the lowest price on the listing until they have stock again.

Published: Sat Apr 17 11:10:25 EDT 2010

Template Cleanup

Tomorrow (Saturday 17th), I will be merging the numerous difficult-to-maintain website templates into one default template (the rpStandard 2.0 that has been in testing for the past few weeks).

This affects you in several ways. Firstly, I will be porting the styles (colour themes) of old rpStandard template to the new one.

I already have Blue Metal and Red Metal, which are the most popular ones. I can't guarantee that I'll keep every colour theme, but the Darkness theme is pretty safe ;-).

To those who use the template with a sidebar (rpNew): there is a good chance I will remove this template. However, I am making another sub-template of rpStandard2.0 which features a sidebar. Hopefully, you'll be able to choose from all of the same colour themes that the main template has (Blue, Red, Darkness, and so on).

If you have any strong opinions on this (or even suggestions), send me a private message.

Published: Fri Apr 16 22:20:34 EDT 2010

Global Armoury Online For Testing!

Finally, the Global Armoury is online! It will be visible in the menus tomorrow, under ACTIONS.

In the meantime, you can still access it by clicking here. It is in full working order, so don't be afraid to use it!

Feedback on the [url=board.php]forum[/url], via a PM for Cyberkilla or in the [url=chat_main.php]chat room[/url] is welcomed! After a few hours of testing, I'll put it in the main menu.

Published: Wed Apr 14 19:34:24 EDT 2010

Upcoming Global Armoury

The Global Armoury feature I've mentioned on a number of occasions is almost ready for release, in the next day or so. In the meantime, here are the latest screen shots:

Screen shot of an item listing, which shows how a single item type can be sold by the vendor, and by individual players.

Screen shot of the main page, showing some of the items available.

Published: Mon Apr 12 20:24:07 EDT 2010

Netherworld Rift has Reformed!

Back by popular demand, and since it's April Fools Day, the limited edition Halloween Land maps are online again!

They will remain online until Saturday night, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Collector's Items:
- Netherworld Pickaxe
- Netherworld Rail Gun of Devastation modder
- Netherworld Blade of Incandescence modder
- Medal Making Kits
- Bank Deposit Boosters

There are also Pumpkin Masks and Grogs to collect, Trick or Treat houses and a Maze which has a limited edition Jump Pack at the end, to make travelling between worlds nearly instantaneous!

A Halloween map in April? Sure, it was only ever a conduit for giving players a chance to get some rare items. I've been asked about it so much that I've relented. Make the most of it!

Published: Thu Apr 1 8:53:26 EDT 2010

Internal Forum Returned

We are now using the internal forum system. It is the original version of the internal forums, with all of the old threads. In a week or so, a new version will be installed.

Features of new forums:

* New categories and forums.
* Better thread controls.
* UI improvements.
* Faster loading.

In the meantime, don't be afraid to use the forums! Any threads deemed relevant will not be lost in future updates.

Reasons for doing this:

* It's more consistent to have chat and forum as part of the game.
* 99% of the players can't be bothered to register on an external forum.
* The difference in UI of the external forum was jarring for many users.
* Easier for FutureRP mods to keep an eye on, as it falls under their domain.
* Addons and expansions (such as showing player stats or guild directly in a post) are possible, whereas they are a nightmare on an external forum.
* No need to log in twice - once you're logged into the game, you're logged into the forum.

You are free to suggest ideas in the Idea Suggestion forum section, and I'll take them into account before I release the new version. Note: the new version is already a little different, with moderation tools expected to be more advanced. Such suggestions may already have been covered in the new design.

Feedback of any kind is welcome;)

FYI, if you have threads in the external forum, you are still able to access them.

Published: Fri Mar 12 13:47:14 EST 2010