Vote For FutureRP

I have just installed a new page, which contains the voting buttons for FutureRP on several MMORPG listings.

If you have a shred of goodness left in your soul, please visit this link and find out how to vote for the game :-)

The more votes we receive, the higher up the MMORPG listings we ascend, and the more exposure the game will receive!

Published: Fri Feb 11 17:54:13 EST 2011

Another Portal Action Added to World Builder

"Portal [If NPC/Boss Killed]" has been installed; create doorways which demand that players clear a room of NPCs and/or Boss NPCs before granting access!

The Portal can be configured to require a Boss NPC to have been recently raided by your guild, or globally dead, before allowing you to pass through. Globally dead is an interesting setting, as it requires all guilds to work together in order to kill the Boss NPC and reach the next map!

The Portal will then remain open until the NPC(s) respawn! I regard this as one of the most interesting Portal Actions so far!

Published: Mon Feb 7 9:31:17 EST 2011

New Portal Action Added to World Builder

"Portal [Password Required]" has been installed; create doorways which demand a password before granting access!

Each portal can have up to 15 different passwords, enabling you to hand out temporary ones, then revoke them without having to notify everyone of the new password.

There are a number of other portal actions still to come, including one which checks to see whether you've killed all of the NPCs in the room, and another which checks to see whether you have a certain item equipped.

The latter will be useful for checking pass-card items, or requiring a radiation suit before entering a chamber flooded with gamma rays, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Published: Thu Feb 3 19:08:08 EST 2011

Latest FutureRP To-do List

The latest roadmap/to-do list for FutureRP is available at:

It's crude, but interesting nonetheless.

Published: Mon Jan 31 17:08:57 EST 2011

New Portal Action & Minor Bugfixes

The first of a series of Portal Actions has been installed. The action, Portal [Basic Criteria], enables the creation doorways which deny access depending a player's level, wealth, total attacks today, and much more!

As soon as this action was installed, it was added to one of the new player maps, which wasn't enforcing a "Requires level 5+" warning on its wilderness map-set.

Being able to restrict maps to certain players is incredibly important. For instance, in the example above, players were wandering into places which were too high-level for them. Denying them access until they hit level 5 stops needless frustration for new players ;-).

An issue with the raid overview page, which wasn't showing the guild's raiding message to all members of the guild, has now been resolved, along with a few UI tweaks.

Published: Fri Jan 28 19:47:14 EST 2011

Minor Player Home Update

The Player Home page now has a "Notifications and Warnings" box, which lets you know about uncollected prizes, unread mail, incoming/outgoing guild raids, unread notifications, pending trade offers, and much more.

If the feature proves useful, more information will be added. Feedback is welcome!

Published: Tue Jan 25 17:18:37 EST 2011