The Item Maker Has Been Released!

Good news everyone, the long-anticipated Item Maker extension to the World Builder has finally been released! Preferred Players can access it via UPGRADES/World Builder on the main menu!

The Item Maker endows players with the ability to create their own custom items, controlling everything from the name, description and image, to the attributes, level, quality and slot it is designed for! The possibilities are endless, and include:

- Creating bespoke uniforms for your guild mates.
- Unique treasure for your (Boss) NPCs to drop.
- Items with attributes carefully tailored to the way you approach attacking. If you prefer to be on the offensive, focus on attack, crit strike, speed, etc. There are many different configurations to experiment with!
- Exotic stock to sell via your Vendor NPCs (coming soon).

As a side-effect of the Item Maker update, there are now several new attributes available to your account, which influence PvP, PvE and raiding:
- Defence: if your defence is greater than the enemy's Attack, some of the damage they inflict upon you is disipated! The greater the difference between your Attack and their Defence, the more substantial the disipation is, and the more strikes it is effective for.
- Block %: increase your chances of blocking strikes during attacking and raiding!
- Crit Strike %: increase your chance of landing critical hits (brand new feature)!
- Crit Resist %: increase your chance of denying an incoming critical hit (brand new feature)!
- Speed: the old Agility attribute has been renamed to Speed.

Published: Thu May 26 20:18:09 EDT 2011

Low Level NPCs Much Easier to Beat!

Enemy NPCs (those monsters you attack on the maps) which are equal to, or below level 15 are now much easier to beat. I hope that helps, new players! The effect is strongest between level 1 and 7, and wears off by level 16.

There is much more to be done to give new players a break, and I'm actively working on it.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post in the forum!

Published: Wed May 25 21:38:21 EDT 2011

Item Maker News

The latest (and upcoming) extension of the World Builder is almost complete!

The Item Maker will allow players to create their own custom items, choosing the name and description, artwork, attributes, bind type, and much more!

At this point in time, the Item Maker is in working order, but undergoing private testing to resolve any obvious bugs.

Quote from Remaining Tasks
- Finish automatic item worth calculator (determines price of item based upon its attributes).
- Finalise available quality ratings and power allocations (each slot is given a share of the total power permitted).
- General polish.
As you can see, there isn't much left to do :-)

Published: Fri May 20 20:12:45 EDT 2011

Server Maintenance

Server maintenance was completed successfully earlier today, resulting in only a few minutes of downtime.

The site should seem a little faster over the next few days, especially once the caches have refilled.

On an unrelated note, the upcoming Item Maker update is going well, and shouldn't be more than a week or two, if all goes [reasonably] to plan!

It'll be great to see an influx of new items, and possibly more maps to visit, as the world builders require additional places to hide monsters ;-)

Published: Thu Apr 14 18:04:52 EDT 2011

Quick News Update

The Item Maker design stage has been completed, as has a large section of the back-end functions. Now beginning work on the user interface.

If all goes to plan, the testing stage should be reached in just over a week. This is a little behind schedule, as a result of the decision to add extra item attributes to the game (Crit Strike, Block, etc.)

Published: Fri Apr 1 17:52:49 EDT 2011

Email Improvements Almost Finished

The emails FutureRP sends to players when they lose their passwords, for account activation, monthly newsletters, etc., has been improved substantially.

All emails are now sent in plain text, or multi-part (in the case of the newsletter). This should speed up the delivery rate of emails, whilst reducing the number that inadvertently fall into your spam box.

The interesting part will be the brand new newsletter, which is redesigned for better email client compatibility.

The newsletter will also feature the occasional promotion code, which will be redeemable for a reward in-game! No strings attached - except that you have to be a newsletter subscriber ;-)

I will post more information about this later in the week.

On an unrelated note, work continues on the latest World Builder enhancements. We'll soon see the return of Vendor NPCs, plus Item Making, Tournaments, Custom Medals, Guild Assets, and a myriad of other upcoming game improvements.

If anyone has some sort of time machine I can borrow, please let me know.

Published: Tue Feb 22 22:08:21 EST 2011