Double Experience During Attacks!

As part of our Halloween events, every player has been awarded three hours of Double Experience, to be activated at any time in the next 48 hours!


After that, the prize will expire. Check your Temporary Storage page for more information.

Published: Sun Oct 30 15:44:08 UTC 2011

Halloween Land & Upcoming Updates

Halloween Land will return soon, with new areas to explore, new puzzles, and new items to discover!

We also have a number of big updates to look forward to, including: guild assets, a new tournament-like feature codenamed "The Grid", automated game modes (double exp days, Thursday Thieves, etc.), and much more!

A newsletter, blog, and forum thread will be available in the coming days, to explain the full extent of the changes planned for FutureRP!

Published: Thu Oct 27 22:47:29 UTC 2011

Quick News Update

As of a few of days ago, the Credit rewards from NPCs have been increased. In addition, the new algorithm rewards you more generously for attacking NPCs closer or greater than your own level.

Losing against NPCs used to remove more money than some believed to be fair; this has now been rectified, and should enable you to attack NPCs without fearing a that a single loss would strip you of several attacks worth of earnings.

Backpacks have been increased from 5 slots to 15 slots by default, expandable up to 30 via the Upgrade Centre. In essence, every player now has 10 extra slots!

Hopefully this will be useful to you as more quests are installed, requiring you to collect items.

Lastly, several bug fixes and usability tweaks have been done on the new questing feature, including:
- The Quest Log now shows you the rewards that you will receive once the quest is completed.
- The Quest Log also shows you the place, map, name and coordinates of the NPC that offered you the quest, to help you find your way back to them.

Published: Sat Aug 13 0:39:21 UTC 2011

Referral System Update!

The referral system has been updated in an attempt to make recruiting new players more rewarding!

Whenever you refer a new player to the game, you'll get experience!

At the end of each day, you will be awarded 30% of the experience that your referrals managed to gain! This will happen until they reach level 30, or their account becomes 90 days old.

Please note, this new feature is being closely monitored, and may be modified occasionally until a safe balance is struck. Good luck, recruiters!

If you need more information, see the Referral Link box on your Player Home page!

Published: Mon Jul 25 19:49:02 UTC 2011

Vendor NPC Support Released

Vendor NPC support has been added to the World Builder; create merchant NPCs to sell items on your behalf!

Published: Mon May 30 8:19:33 UTC 2011

The Item Maker Has Been Released!

Good news everyone, the long-anticipated Item Maker extension to the World Builder has finally been released! Preferred Players can access it via UPGRADES/World Builder on the main menu!

The Item Maker endows players with the ability to create their own custom items, controlling everything from the name, description and image, to the attributes, level, quality and slot it is designed for! The possibilities are endless, and include:

- Creating bespoke uniforms for your guild mates.
- Unique treasure for your (Boss) NPCs to drop.
- Items with attributes carefully tailored to the way you approach attacking. If you prefer to be on the offensive, focus on attack, crit strike, speed, etc. There are many different configurations to experiment with!
- Exotic stock to sell via your Vendor NPCs (coming soon).

As a side-effect of the Item Maker update, there are now several new attributes available to your account, which influence PvP, PvE and raiding:
- Defence: if your defence is greater than the enemy's Attack, some of the damage they inflict upon you is disipated! The greater the difference between your Attack and their Defence, the more substantial the disipation is, and the more strikes it is effective for.
- Block %: increase your chances of blocking strikes during attacking and raiding!
- Crit Strike %: increase your chance of landing critical hits (brand new feature)!
- Crit Resist %: increase your chance of denying an incoming critical hit (brand new feature)!
- Speed: the old Agility attribute has been renamed to Speed.

Published: Fri May 27 0:18:09 UTC 2011