Quick Updates For Today

The search results page now includes both player and guild results, sorted by activity and alphabetically by name. In the near term, it would be nice to see some extra columns, such as member size, player level, etc.

In addition, a new privilege has been added for guild ranks: "Award Points". Previously, guild members with vault management privileges could also award vault points.
As requested, this has been split off into a separate privilege, for guild security reasons.

If your guild members are meant to be able to award points, you will need to enable this new privilege for their ranks.

Lastly, there will be some details about new skills posted in the internal forums today/tomorrow. It's going to be quite interesting to see how it turns out.

Published: Tue Jun 5 15:58:29 UTC 2012

New Link Click History Page; New Portal Action

A new link click history page has been added to the menu, under Character/Logs. It tracks the source of the link click, the experience gained, etc.

There is also a preliminary release of a new portal action, which enables you to only allow specific players to pass.

Eventually, this will be an allow/deny list, but for now, you must specify exactly who you wish to grant access to. Hopefully, this will make guild maps much easier to manage!

Published: Sat Feb 11 18:02:21 UTC 2012

New Bounty Special Effect: The Hunted

The first super bounty effect is online: The Hunted. Reduces attack waiting time on target from 12hrs to 4hrs!

This is just the first of several planned special effects for super bounties. If you have any suggestions, please post them in the forum. :-)

Published: Wed Feb 1 22:21:40 UTC 2012

Christmas Mega Lottery

The lottery jackpot has been increased to over 115,000,000 Credits!

Buy your ticket(s) now for a chance to win it all!

Published: Fri Dec 30 2:39:34 UTC 2011

Secret Link Timeout Changes

The secret link timeout has been reduced from two minutes to just thirty seconds! You can now click links every half minute!

Published: Thu Jan 1 0:00:00 UTC 1970

Thursday Thieves Trial, Plus Final Double Experience!

For the next 24 hours, every hour, a tiny fraction of all players' banked Credits will drop into their pocket, ready for stealing!

Don't worry, you won't lose very much money at all -- the amount is always less than 100,000 Cr, and that's usually only for the super-rich! The benefit is that every player has some extra money to steal in their pockets, and it all adds up!

In addition, the final Double Experience award has been placed into every active player's backpack!

Published: Sat Nov 5 21:30:55 UTC 2011