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Wed Jan 23 11:59:06 EST 2013

Idea and Information Mega-Thread!

Here I will list threads within the Idea Forum for easy access and finding. The name of the thread will contain a link to said thread. Any thread that has a (smiley) next to it means that CK has posted a reply in the thread.

Below each I will also leave my thoughts towards the thread.

When new replies are added I will update when I have the time to do so.

Enjoy! And hopefully you bump and keep these ideas alive, give more information to the ideas.

After going through the threads here, there seems to be a major one missing. Item Sockets. This must have only been discussed in chat, or I overlooked the thread somehow. But just so you know, item sockets and gems for those sockets were discussed many times over.

Official Threads (smiley)
While this thread was popular, there is another thread that pertains to this, but should not be merged as I think it needs it's own discussion:
Badges that are awarded to you for how well your guild does, instead of personal achievements!
Could potentially have it's uses as a refference for events at a later time.
With the increase in item sets, this should be looked further into.
Don't get why this wasn't a more popular thread.
Basically a 'misc' thread from CK. Just a cool thread to see some of the items CK has done.

Notable Cyberkilla News Threads (smiley)

Threads from the News & Updates Forum, that aren't stickied, yet are important notes.

Funny threads (smiley)

Player Threads, listed in order of replies (Essentially popularity)

It has become more a discussion of justifying the actual use of this feature.
An important one to be looked at. Which CK never replied in (smiley)
Dekcah only speaks of the 10k attack event, but it should cover more.
Although you responded to this CK, you never actually read it. Or at least you said you didn't.
I feel this is a very important issue. Bump and say what you think whenever you can.
This has been talked about a lot recently, now you have somewhere to post those thoughts.
Essentially the same idea of Kuza's, but too different to merge (and long).
I thought Kuza made a thread about sockets but I cannot find it, or I'm just derping. Either way, this is just a variation of sockets.
A popular one.
Worth the read. In-depth character progression.
While this feature is technically already here, it isn't fully implemented. So here is a place to possibly pick ideas or discuss them in more detail.
Nice idea, probably easy to add, not a priority I'm guessing though.
I am somewhat in the process of doing so. Though, I am not removing redundant threads, only the multiples.
People love managing some sort of pet. Look at all the pet games on Yarold's. This, I feel, should be implemented some way or another, I know it would make the game more appealing to other players.
CK posted that he would read it (It also correlates somewhat to his own thread).
Essentially a feature like a link (or chest etc.) that you click daily to get your reward. The more often you come online to click it, the better the reward becomes.
If this is to be implemented, it needs to be sooner than later.
While I don't support this idea, it's worth noting that something needs to be done with turns used during attacks, other than stealing more credits.
Becoming a hot-topic, at least for CK. Give him ideas? Leave your ideas there CK?
A semi-notable post. I'm sure there is variations of this around the idea forum. I've yet to get to them.
There was a lot of talk about how the forums should be manage. But I primarily focus on the Guild forums aspect. All the same though.

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Wed Jan 23 16:17:19 EST 2013

Oh and... reserved.


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Thu Jan 24 15:18:50 EST 2013

One thing I find useful that pertains to this thread, a strike-through feature. I would like to instead of fully greying out a line of a thread that has been either implemented, or no longer relevent, to strike-through it.

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Sat Sep 13 19:40:42 EDT 2014

How up to date is this?

Aurum KodEXo


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Sat Sep 13 21:25:23 EDT 2014

Not very:
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Though it still contains majority of them



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Sat Sep 13 22:17:54 EDT 2014

Yeah I haven't touched it in some time, but I have been thinking about it with all the activity happening. I just kind of dread the time I'll have to spend to reupdate some of the threads and add the new ones. I would also like to make it more readable. Unless it's readability seems alright? No one ever really gave me much opinion on it if I recall. I spent quite a good chunk of hours going through the idea threads and making this.

Edit: And yes, it contains probably 80% of the idea threads currently. Though some might have been implemented, or replied to by CK / others.

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