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Game Screenshots

Game Screenshots
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Player Profiles

Screenshot of Player Profile

Every player has their own profile, which lists their vital statistics, equipment, achievements, and much more! Customise your profile page to differentiate yourself from others!


Screenshot of Armoury

If you're looking to buy or sell items with other players, the armoury is the place to visit!
Rare items from obscure sectors of the galaxy can be found here, at (un)reasonable prices.

Guild Profiles

Screenshot of Guild Profile

Every guild has their own profile, which lists their achievements, wealth, and current members.


Screenshot of Backpack

Organise, equip, and use the items in your possession. Be careful not to collect junk -- backpack space is limited.

World Navigator

Screenshot of World

Explore an area, finding new quests, monsters, vendors, bosses and more!

Place Listing

Screenshot of Place Listing

Browse through all of the available places to explore; both official and player-made maps can be visited!

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