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Levelling Up

Levelling Up
Article was last updated: January 20, 2011, 08:26

Levelling up is the process of reaching the next level, by gaining the experience required. You gain experience every time you win an attack against another player, or NPCs. When you lose an attack, a small amount of experience is stripped from you. Lose too much experience, and you may even drop to the level below!

Every level-up increases your base Player Attributes; you may also be awarded a Skill Points, for learning new Skills. There are several other ways to gain experience, including:

  • Your Referral Links.
  • Using certain consumable Items.
  • Your Experience Per Hour attribute.
  • Winning Raiding with your Guilds.
  • Completing Quests and Objectives.
  • Daily experience bonuses awarded to Preferred Player.

Understanding The Details

When you hover your mouse over the EXP: box on the Stats_Bar, a number of statistics will be displayed, including the following:

  • Exp Left Until Next Level - the amount of experience you must gain before reaching the next level.
  • Minimum - the minimum amount of experience that must be maintained to remain at your current level. If you drop below this amount, you will fall to the level below.
  • Exp Per Hour - the amount of experience you will be awarded every hour; this attribute can be increased with Items and Skills.
  • Exp Growth Today - the amount of experience that you have gained today so far.
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