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Game Features

Game Features
Article was last updated: August 30, 2011, 13:13

FutureRP has many features, including:

  • Combat — attack others players (PvP) and monsters on the maps (PvE).
  • Guild support — create and join guilds of like-minded players; work together to raid other guilds, or bosses on the maps. Share the treasure amongst yourselves!
  • Persistant world — all of your achievements are kept for the life of your account. There are no game resets!
  • 2D top-down map interface — explore the many rich and diverse environments within FutureRP, from your web browser.
  • Equipment and supplies — discover rare and powerful items. Store your possessions in your backpack.
  • Vendors and trading — items can be purchased from the global armoury, vendor NPCs on the maps, or traded via the trade block.
  • Bounty hunting — place bounties on the heads of your enemies! The larger the bounty, the more damaging its effects will be.
  • Questing and objectives — complete quests and objectives to earn prestige and rewards.
  • Banking system — secure your money by depositing it into the bank.
  • Great community — FutureRP has a great community aspect; interact with other players via the built-in forums and chat rooms.
  • Customisation — customise your profile page with an avatar, description, and more.
  • Theme picker — choose from a selection of unique layouts and colour schemes for the game's interface; you need never grow tired of looking at it!
  • Custom content making — create your own maps, tilesets, (Boss) NPCs, Items, and Quests, all from a single built-in feature called the World Builder. Players with Preferred Player subscriptions can make use of this at any time!
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