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Player Attributes

Player Attributes
Article was last updated: January 20, 2011, 09:24

Each player has a set of attributes which define, at a basic level, the kind of power they wield in the game! You can improve these attributes by levelling up, equipping Items, casting Skills, and much more. Below is a list of standard character attributes:

  • Attack - the amount of damage you can inflict during attacks and raids.
  • HP - the amount of damage you can handle before losing an attack, or being knocked out during a raid.
  • Accuracy - determines how accurate your strikes are. Higher accuracy results in fewer missed strikes.
  • Agility - the most agile opponent usually strikes first during attacks and raids.
  • Experience Per Hour - every hour, your account gains this amount of experience.
  • Income Per Hour - every hour, your account is credited with this amount of money.
  • Turns Per Hour - every hour, your account is credited with this amount of turns.

Base Attributes

Whenever someone refers to your base attributes, they actually mean the attributes that you've received from your current level, plus any Upgrade_Centre upgrades. It is essentially a raw measure of your current power, excluding the effects of your equipped items and skills.

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