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Place List

Place List
Article was last updated: January 18, 2011, 19:14

The Place List is a global listing of official and player-created maps! To visit a place, click on its title to access its launchpad page, then click "Visit Place".


To mark a place on the listing as a personal favourite, click "Add to Favourites" on its launchpad page. Your favourite places are denoted by the star emblem. To remove a place from your favourites, click "Remove From Favourites".

Tip: you can filter the Place List to only show your favourite places.

Filtering The Place List

The Place List can be filtered to only show places which match certain criteria, including:

  • Your Favourite Places - show only the places that you've marked as favourites.
  • Only Official Places - show only official places.
  • By Emblem - only show places which are flagged with a specific emblem.
  • New Places - show only recently created places.
  • Recently Updated - show only recently updated places.
  • Password Protected - show only password-protected places.
  • Preferred Player Only - show only the restricted Preferred Player places.

Create Your Own Places

Every Preferred Player has access to the World Builder, a brand new feature, which allows players to create their own game content! For more information, please click here.

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