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Your backpack is the most convenient storage area for your Items. Backpacks have a limited number of spaces which may be occupied by items. Whenever you purchase an item from the Armoury, or pick something up from a map, etc., it is stored in your backpack.

Equipping & Unequipping Items

Many items can be equipped to a certain slot on your character. For instance, a sword item can usually be equipped to your Weapon slot. There are a number of different slots; only one item may occupy each slot at a time. To equip an item in your backpack, click the Equip checkbox below its icon image. If the slot was already occupied by another item, that item will be returned to your backpack and the item you chose will take its place.

To unequip an item, simply click the occupied slot on your "body". The moment an item is equipped, its effects are added to your attributes; when an item is unequipped, the effects are removed again.

Time-based Items

Some items are time-based, which means that they only last a certain length or time before expiring. Such items may need to be "activated" before they can be equipped. To do this, simply click the Activate checkbox below the item's icon image. Once activated, the timer will begin to count down - it cannot be stopped. Activated items can then be equipped as normal.

Destroying Items

If you click the Destroy option of an item, it will be erased from the game permanently. There is no way to reverse this action. This is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of useless junk in your backpack!

Dropping Items

Items can be dropped onto your current map, at the coordinate you're at, by clicking the Drop option. For a period of time, those items will appear to other players navigating the same map, and they will have the opportunity to pick them up.

Note: after a while, most discarded items on maps will be cleaned up automatically by the game.

Increasing Your Backpack Capacity

Your backpack's storage capacity can be increased by upgrading it via the Upgrade Centre.

Where Else Can I Store Items?

Every Guild has a private Guild Vault which is capable of storing large amounts of items. To use this feature, you must be a member of a guild, and have been granted the required privileges by your guild leader. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about creating an item vault for individual players. In the near future, there may well be another storage option available!

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