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  • Leader Snow wolf
  • Power 382,732
  • Members 36/27/30
  • EXP Gained Today 380,541
  • AVG Experience 51,616,527
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A
Wealth 408,099,799 Cr


Grand master woof Snow wolf 200
The Box GHOST CyberGhost 322
Judge judgeDredd 265
CAT! Devilcat 263
Wolf on fire Hellblaze Wolf 146
Ice Fairy Cirno 381
Phenomenon Phenom 187
"Amazing Detective/Genius" Detective Jake Peralta 175
Senorita Lady Alba 150
Reaping Souls since 2008 The Reaper 137
*8-bit hero Jrady 201
Mr roboto Cyborg90 124
Old Timer EclipsE 121
Phoning home E T 147
Wrestling wrestler of wrestliness Seth Freakin Rollins 130
Shiner zelten 128
Shiner Bright Eyes 83
vampires! LadyJane 69
Puss in Boots Pussycat 60
Whats a Pns? Tinj 88
Wolf slayer78 133
Wolf Anubispt 92
Hell Yeah Shoebob 79
Why so serious? Joker 197
The color of orange or the smell? Nakor of The Orange 99


A chilling breeze is felt just before a piercing HOWL is heard. The pack is amongst you now, we are HOWL a guild that plays together and acts together. we are a family, we only require a sense of pride, loyalty, and determination to be of our own. Do you think you can muster the fight, the courage to stand amongst the howling pack? Send a message to Snowwolf to join our ranks today.

Guild Events:
#Raid Night 8/4/2016 We did 408 Raids in one night.

We raid as often as we can, and need more to partake in bigger boss raids.

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All Statistics

  • Leader Snow wolf
  • Power 382,732
  • Members 36/27/30
  • Exp Gained Today 380,541
  • Avg Experience 51,616,527
  • Cash 408,099,799 Cr
  • Tax Level 5% (offline)
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A