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  • Leader Mightyafro
  • Power 26,382
  • Members 4/16/30
  • EXP Gained Today 9,862
  • AVG Experience 58,888,166
Wealth181,350,990 Cr


Leader Mightyafro 139
Devastator Marisa Kirisame 150
Desolator Nakor of The Orange 100
Marauder cthuhlu10 61
Guild Veteran Medievil 101
Desolator KeyLo 75
Marauder Amph 24
Marauder goblin man 21
Marauder Kira0947 17
Marauder boss4425 14
Marauder Draquix 12
Initiate Cyr13lGame93 22
Initiate Orange_Howler 16
Retired - Full Honours Luna 57
Retired - Full Honours gurualec 53


Total Devastation!

Now recruiting! Request to join or PM Mightyafro for more details!

Would you like to join, unregistered player?

Vault rules: If there is an item in the vault, feel free to ask for it, that is why they are there. We only ask that when you no longer have use for the item(s) that you receive from the vault, that you kindly put them back in for other players to use.

Can any retired members who see this message consider donating any unwanted items to help new players grow please? Would help us out greatly with getting K Sets for new guild members!

Remember, if you have any problems, you can find plenty of useful information on the FutureRP Wiki! or you can ask your question on the Official FutureRP Forums!

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This guild has no allies.

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All Statistics

  • Leader Mightyafro
  • Power 26,382
  • Members 4/16/30
  • Exp Gained Today 9,862
  • Avg Experience 58,888,166
  • Cash 181,350,990 Cr
  • Tax Level 0% (offline)
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A