Raiding is a Guild only feature.
When you are part of a Guild, (with at least 2 players) you may start a Raid. Also note, there is a cooldown of 24 hours when a new member joins, before they may join on a raid. This was put into effect due to players abusing the loophole of disbanding their Guild to reform and farm bosses. Shame on them.

Raiding is the act of forming a whole Guild battle against an enemy Guild or boss monster.
Boss monsters will always appear in red text in a place. Note that when a raid is finished, it will go on an instanced (your Guild only) cooldown of 18 hours, before you may raid it again.
Here is an example of what a boss monster will look like in a Place:

Clicking the icon will allow you to spend your turns to form a raid for your guild to partake in. It takes 300 of your own turns to form a raid, on enemy Guilds, and bosses. You may specify a time limit for the raid. This specifies how long this raid will last before auto starting. When the time limit is up for the raid, it will end and you will win or lose depending on how much power your have over or under what you are raiding.

(TIP: It is a good idea to always set your time limit to the max, allowing your guild the max amount of time to finish it. When raiding an enemy Guild, you have an entire 24 hours to get everyone in!)

(TIP 2: If you click on the boss NPC's name, you can view it's 'HP'. This is the bar under the image of the NPC. When that bar fully depletes the NPC will be 'globally' dead. For X amount of time, no Guild may raid it, and it will disappear from the map!)

When determining if you will win or lose a raid, you must look at the respective power of the raid. Which will look something like this:

The red bar indicates what you are raiding's power level. The green indicates your Guilds power. Typically when your power is above your enemy, you will win. But, there are some other factors that take place while raiding. These hidden variables consist of speed, amount of players/minions in each side, and percent stats (such as accuracy, block, critical rate and resistance). (This may need further research)

This means, each member of your guild, and what you are raiding, has a chance to critically hit. Total speed determines which side will attack first. Which in some cases is very important.
Power levels is only calculated using totals of the members HP and Attack.
This also means raiding Guilds is also much more difficult then when raiding a boss. Since bosses only factor in Attack, Speed, and HP. While Guilds use each players stats.

I.E. while raiding a boss with a strength of '10 players @ Lvl 30', you are only fighting level 30 players who will attack individually with the attack, hp, and speed of a level 30 player. When raiding a Guild you could have a level 30 player, but also a level 100 player who will do massive damage, possibly hit critically, and live much longer throughout a fight.

If there is a raid currently underway, there will be a notification that looks like this
if it is a raid you have not joined. When you are participating in a raid, the icon will look like this When you're in a raid, and there are other raids active, the icon will look like this

Under your 'Guild' drop-down menu you will find a 'Raiding & Warfare' sub-menu. This will include War Room, where you may see ongoing raids, and War Log, where you may view a history of finished raids. The War Log will show you if items drop as well, so be sure to always check if you are raiding a boss monster that can drop them. Items will always drop at the location of the boss monster in a place. Also to note, you can click the 'Win' or 'Lose' text to view an overview of how the battle unfolded. This can be useful in certain situations.

(TIP: If a raid is canceled prior to finishing, it will not be shown, and it will also NOT go on the 24 hour cooldown! Use this to your advantage if you are running out of time to acquire enough power to win.)

As of now, raiding rewards the Guild with credits, and a point towards the joining members raiding stats. Which in turn increases your entire Guilds raiding stats on the leaderboards.

Good luck with your raiding!

Advanced raiding tips:

It is a good idea to see if your Guild has enough potential to win the raid. You can do so by simply adding all your members HP and Attack stats together.

As stated above, if your Guild does not have enough power to succeed in winning the raid, cancel it. There is no penalty in doing so, except that you will NOT have your turns refunded.

Try to schedule a time, or determine a good time, to form powerful raids. Giving your Guild the maximum amount of time to join in and bring it down.

When you have a few strong players online, it is a great idea to form many raids between you all, and go down the list completing them.
One way of completing them quickly, is have the last player that is online that joins the raid to start the raid, and then join the next one in the list.

It's possible to turn a raid in your favor quickly by having your members use their skills to buff their stats. If in the case of raiding an enemy Guild, you can debuff their members.

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