A guild is a group of players that have teamed up both for
protection, and to perform raids! There are many benefits to being a member of a guild; the most important benefit
for a new player is that guild members typically work together, and don't mind explaining things, handing out spare equipment, lending money, etcetera.
A new player who's became a member of a guild will learn the ropes much more swiftly than they would otherwise have done.

How To Join A Guild

To request to join a guild, simply visit a guild's profile page and click Request to Join Guild. Once done, the
guild's leader will receive notification that you'd like to join. You can check to see whether they've accepted/declined your request by
clicking GUILDS/Guild Requests on the main menu. Once your request has been accepted, you can click Join on the Guild Requests page, and that's it! You're in!

You may leave a guild at any time by visiting GUILDS/Manage Guild, and clicking Leave This Guild.

Occasionally, a player may send you an invite to join their guild. In this situation, you can click Join any time you want, as you've already been accepted!