Another Player (PvP)

To attack another player, simply visit their profile page and click Launch Attack.
Before launching an attack, it is wise to check your enemy's level, active skills, and equipped items, to ensure that your chance of victory isn't too slim!
For players below level 5, it is strongly advised that you avoid attacking enemies with a higher level than you; it isn't worth the risk to you, when there are a
myriad of easy targets to fight!

An NPC (PvE)

An NPC (Non-Person Character) is a computer-controlled character; there are hundreds of them in FutureRP,
and most of them can be attacked. To attack an NPC, navigate your current map to find one, and click the
icon to the right of its name!

Some NPCs drop treasure, in the form of Items. As with PvP attacks, when you win you'll gain experience and Credits; when you lose, a small amount of experience will be stripped, along with some of your unbanked Credits.