NPCs (Non Player Character) are the inhabitants of the various worlds you visit. They are often tailored to the creatures you may find in those conditions.

Currently NPCs fall into 4 categories:

  • Attackable Enemies: The vast majority of creatures you encounter will end up being cannon fodder! Killing these enemies will reward you with experience, credits and occasionally an item to equip or use later! When defeated enemies will disappear from the map for a short while (around 15-20 minutes). After that time is up, they'll respawn ready to be subjected to more punishment!

  • Raid Bosses: Not your average enemy, these enemies are designed to be taken on with the help of your guild. These aren't for the faint of heart and will take some serious firepower to defeat! However, the rewards are worth it! With many powerful weapons and even item sets available, you'll be itching to get your hands on their goodies! Raid Bosses don't despawn when defeated but have a limit of how often they can be raided by each guild. In most cases, this is 12 hours.

  • Vendors: You'll find these dotted around the maps. They are able to get their hands on powerful and exotic weapons, for a price!

  • Quest NPCs: On your travels you may come across characters who need something doing, whether it be delivering a parcel or obliterating part of the local wildlife. Complete the quests that you are set and they'll be eternally grateful and reward you in some way, be it experience or perhaps an item to help with said obliterating.