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Lvl 62 D'Jinn
48,015 / 113,47065,455 to level
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†Faithful Soul of Anima Fiel

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Don't you know it's rude to grow mushrooms in other people's closets?
  • Experience 2,317,825
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  • Commander Air
Available34,735 Cr
Banked248,659 Cr

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Ne'er shall invaders,
trample thy sacred shores...

I suppose introductions are no longer needed, correct? If you still don't know me: that's fine. It's better if you are ignorant of my existence and continue frolicking in your pure, rainbow-filled, unicorn-dominated world of fluff and cotton balls...

...because it's better to be in dream land than feel my scalpel slice through your skin, right?

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Sannesara has no active skills :(


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  • Level 62
  • Experience 2,317,825
  • Guild Anima Fiel
  • Guild Rank †Faithful Soul
  • Commander Air
  • Followers 0
  • Offensive 13,909
  • Deffensive 20
  • Raiding 135
  • Bounties 0
  • MF Level 55
  • Link Clicks 25,694