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  • Leader Bret Stiles
  • Power 12,035
  • Members 2/9/30
  • EXP Gained Today 3,363
  • AVG Experience 77,231,770
Wealth29 Cr


Leader Symphony 150
Leader Bret Stiles 147
You’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you... Galthazar 150
You’ll do, you could- you, you want... sannesara 62
You want them to do you so much you could do anything? Zyzz 36
†Faithful Soul ShadowmarkAssassin 53


Welcome, to

Anima FielForum Post

Everyone and anyone is welcome to Anima Fiel.
Brand new, or very old. Rejected, or lost. You will find refuge here. Stay or go--come back or don't. We will not judge.
Well ... Except these people:

You really think, we'd list people we, as an open guild, would reject? How funny. *cough* Andy_2k8 *cough*

Upon joining you will be a Lost Soul;
Eventually, we hope you will find your way--becoming one of us.
Note that a † denotes a very loyal or outstanding member!

Remember--Don't think! Feeeel.

Important Links for Loyal Souls
[Suggestions][Personal Item Vault][Click All AF Member Links]
[Attacks [Today][Attacks [Yesterday]

Currently Active Event: [N/A]
Level 30 Player Will Receive: K'Tronian Pieces
Level 65 Player Will Receive: Devestation Pieces
Level 100 Player Will Receive: Incandescence Pieces

Anima Monster Forum Post!
Current Anima Monster Leader: Galthazar's Solar Deva!

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  • Leader Bret Stiles
  • Power 12,035
  • Members 2/9/30
  • Exp Gained Today 3,363
  • Avg Experience 77,231,770
  • Cash 29 Cr
  • Tax Level 0% (offline)
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A