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  • Leader Dythark
  • Power 94,023
  • Members 10/12/30
  • EXP Gained Today 45,847
  • AVG Experience 123,995,112
Wealth8,676,187,827 Cr


Dragon Emperor Ω Dythark 150
Kraken Captain Γ Sekhmet 150
Kraken Captain Γ judgeDredd 150
Phoenix Commander ß Dagahra 150
Phoenix Commander Γ StuLax18 150
Behemoth Γ Jyreeil 150
Behemoth Γ Jackkdanialz 150
Wyrm Γ darknshy 72
Wyrm Γ Sheogorath 66
Wyrm Γ Zebulon 61
Behemoth Γ Bull 150
Wyrm Γ Prince Charming 90


You like to raid? We always have a raid going that you can join and daily have raid blitz's where we go through dozens of raids in only a few minutes.

You like to attack? We have by far the highest rated map where you will find over 6000 npcs to attack for almost any level.

You want to be part of a community but real life is kicking your butt? Our guild motto is Real Life Comes First! We want you to succeed inside and outside the game. Joining us puts you under no obligation to try to keep up with everyone or be the best. Just do what you can when you can and take care of yourself irl.

The Kodan Empire: Welcome Home!

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All Statistics

  • Leader Dythark
  • Power 94,023
  • Members 10/12/30
  • Exp Gained Today 45,847
  • Avg Experience 123,995,112
  • Cash 8,676,187,827 Cr
  • Tax Level 0% (offline)
  • Website https://discord.gg/r6WYmYHrEF
  • Email Address N/A