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Being a merchant is a hard job for anyone. N00bs or otherwise, so it's nice to have somewhere to start out.
The main reason most merchants fail is simply the fact they run out of money, there are many ways to help stop this;
  1. If a well established player is your friend/Commander You
    can ask for a loan to get you started up.
  2. You can buy a large batch of points and sell them.
  3. Look around in worlds for rare items (this may take a while)
4. You can do it the long way, Buying items off the Trade Block then selling them for a small profit and build yourself up from there.

Another reason merchants fail is because nobody knows them, here are some tips to help combat this;

1. Make yourself apparent in the chat room, Make friends, this helps spread the word around.


3. Talk to guild leaders about supplying their vaults , If you can become a guild supplier you will always have business.

4. Don't annoy people! If you do this people will stop talking to you and NO TALKING = NO BUSINESS.

So now you're up and running your client list will start to grow, But don't get cocky now, there is still much to do!

1. (If you have membership) Make worlds with vendors, this decreases the amount of work you have to do.

2. (If you have membership) Start making Custom items for customers, people like having 1-of-a-kind items and are willing to pay well for them.

3. Some items you sell will most likely be in points, Large sales (300 points or more) can be very valuable on the Points Trading but can also be used to buy new items, Make sure you keep an even balance.

4. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you have to spend it, Dont waste 100m credits on an item you're not sure will sell...

Well, You should be doing pretty well now! But remember, You can't just follow these steps and expect to get rich, you have to have the right mindset, Be dedicated and patient...
Now you're making money, here are some tips;

1. War is good for business! If 2 guilds start a war, sell weapons to both of them!

2. Get too good at your job and other merchants may try and attack you, Make sure you keep your level up!

3. Deposit often, You dont want to lose too much cash if you lose a fight...

4. See how many of the items there are, People won't want to buy your item if it's on a vendor....

5. NEVER SCAM ANYONE! This will only discredit you!

6.Keep and eye on the Point exchange rate, Selling points when it rises can always help you make money fast.

Good bye my friends and GOOD LUCK!

(Written by Seargentgoo, edited by Mightyafro)