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Lvl 19 Terran
4,111 / 10,2706,159 to level
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This is a volatile testing account for the game.
  • Experience 62,431
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  • Commander Cyberkilla
Available430 Cr
Banked24 Cr

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"For Testing Only!"

This account is purely for testing purposes. The power/level/statistics of this account may rise or fall depending on our testing needs.

It is NOT cheating if this account jumps to level 400, or down to level 1. It is an official account for testing.

Do NOT send this account guild requests or messages. They will not be responded to. Send queries to cyberkilla.

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Game Bot has no active skills :(


Game Bot doesn't have any medals...yet!
Watch this space :)

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  • Level 19
  • Experience 62,431
  • Guild N/A
  • Guild Rank N/A
  • Commander Cyberkilla
  • Followers 0
  • Offensive 75
  • Deffensive 133
  • Raiding 0
  • Bounties 0
  • MF Level 1
  • Link Clicks 549