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  • EXP Gained Today -253
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Wealth 30,555 Cr


User Guardian commix 45
Hunt Pack fafnir1337 58
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We are the wolf pack, the night warriors, we run the gaunlet with out mercy.
We accept all that are loyal, but break that loyality and you'll be marked for life.
Currently we have a unique item set, a unique map featuring guild only exp grinding and special bosses for the items drops. The map consists of lvl 45-150 for the time being and will continue to go grow with point donations.

The Wolf Pack is currently recruiting active members. No level requirement. For more info see any member!

10 Slot Personal Vault

Daily Attack Recap

Up to the Minute Attack Totals

Attack Competitions Ongoing For ALL New Members (smiley).

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Invisible War11108,897

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  • Leader commix
  • Power 0
  • Members 0/4/30
  • Exp Gained Today -253
  • Avg Experience 0
  • Cash 30,555 Cr
  • Tax Level 20% (offline)
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