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Mon Jan 4 12:16:31 EST 2021

There's been a lot of talk regarding rare items like the slice of cake or the demonic helm, the latter being less rare. I do not think rare items should be re-made. If they get re-made they aren't exactly rare anymore - it takes away from it. Instead I think the game would benefit from new items made in limited batches every couple of years. As older gamers retire and newer ones come in, the rare items will help signify the era that player was from. The demonic helm isn't too rare as it's listed in the specialty store (even if it's not in stock). But I have a proposal for a new item. This item represents 2020 and all it had to offer. It should go in the Weapon slot.

I would probably use a non animated gif at a slight angle. Anyone who doesn't understand the significance of this should watch the following.


— Terence (@terencessb) December 24, 2020

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Sun Jan 10 1:15:40 EST 2021

That was a crazy altercation.  I'm guessing he grew up in a neighbor hood where people would say that word quite a bit and didn't know the significance of it or something.

Anyways, I have an item to make rare as well.  I've been complaining about CK not updating the worldbuilder for a long time.  Had everything ready for several years and every time he comes back it never seems to get done.  Ah well, I would probably be the same way if I were in his shoes, but still is disappointed that I took an interest in this game, and it ends up like this.