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Wed Nov 4 17:52:15 EST 2020

I have come up with another item set which is pretty much the same as the fire garb just different colors.  

The Fire is more centered around attacking, with an emphasis on speed and HP.  I will post a link to a picture of them Fire Garb:

Garb of the fire mage:

2010 attack

6719 HP

44800 Speed

4.6% accuracy

4.39% crit strike

398 def

4.9% block

The Ice is more centered around raiding and has max attack hp and xp/hour.  It also has some turns/hour and income/hour, so that you can get more raids in per hour.  Here is a link to the picture of the ice garb.   Ice Garb:

Garb of the Ice Mage:

2167 attack

6719 hp

177 xp/hour

260 turns/hour

3840 income/hour

Hows it going, and have fun.
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