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Mon Dec 21 11:31:00 EST 2020

Quote from Jrady
Yes I noticed that speed is very good to have but only if you are within single digit levels of your opponent, otherwise their speed will naturally be too high to overcome with armor.  I'm not really sure I like the idea of adding more rng if speed were to be removed.  Sure it would make it easier to win against someone higher level, but I would almost just go for trying to make the armor more powerful compared to the base stats of every player.  That would make it more strategic when choosing what set to try to get and which ones to put on and when. 

Possibly CK could add an element of "paper, rock scissors" into the game by having sets of armor be different types and have strengths and weaknesses.  This whole idea has been done in a whole lot of games and does add an interesting strategic element to it rather than just having to choose between stats that don't even seem to make a big difference in how the battles go.  Like 10% accuracy and crit and block does not seem to make a huge difference in the outcome of a lower level attacking a higher level.  Which can be frustrating at times because if that higher level player has just as good or better armor than yourself then winning becomes more a matter of luck than strategy.

Other thing I wondered about was having the person who initiated the attack sort of "get the drop" on whoever is defending(meaning they get the first attack).  This could also add a strategic element.  Possibly the defence stat could be utilized more so when you are defending, and maybe the attack stat can be used more so when attacking.

I do like the 'getting the first attack if you are attacking', it sounds pretty good to me, and it seems like it's a simple thing, because speed is already 99% of the time in the favor of a higher level already anyways; unless you are close enough in level that the extra speed on your gear got you higher. It wouldn't effect higher levels when they are attacking which is good, they worked for their power/gear to be stronger, so they should lose less of course, and as aforementioned, they nearly always attack first already. Getting the drop on them because you "attacked first" by attempting an attack against them makes sense, if you consider it as initiating or surprise. Which makes me think actually... that a problem with speed is that the entire stat is wasted if you are a lower amount lol. Versus every other stat that is still useful in every situation. If speed is kept, the stat should equate to a % chance that you get to go first instead, so the stat actually does something in all situations.



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Sun Jan 3 22:08:00 EST 2021

Yes I was just about to suggest that while reading through this thread again.  An "attack first %" seems like a good idea, because if you look at the actual stats in people's stat center, the level bonus for speed is such that 10+ levels above and it is actually impossible to overcome the speed difference, especially when everyone is wearing shining dawn armor.

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