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Tue May 25 9:12:23 EDT 2021

Quote from Mightyafro
Bit late in posting it here but regarding daily login and missing days:

What I've seen done in a few other games with similar login mechanics is that if you miss a day, there's a chance to retroactively complete it but you need to participate in a certain activity to do so. A Tower Defence game that I play uses a system where it'll specify an objective to complete (Complete level 3 without losing lives etc) and if you do it then you can claim the day's login that you missed. However, you have a short window to do it and it only works once a week. So if you miss a few days in a row, tough luck. If you miss a single day and complete the objective the next day, you can reclaim it. It would need to be an achievable target so perhaps something like 500 attacks or so. Once the game has more things to do, the list can expand.

A few other achievable targets could be things like "Win 2 raids" or "Catch 25 fish" (remember fishing? ) Something that requires a bit of work to make up for missing the day but not something that you have to devote hours to just to reclaim that single day.

Quote from Dekcah
Since it's a login streak, I would think you only have 24 hours to complete the challenge. This is for a simple mistake, not somebody taking a break from FRP who forgets one day and thinks of it later on. 500 attacks sounds fair, but I think it should only be able to be used twice a year at most. Otherwise it becomes a crutch.

Yeah, you'd want a time limit to recover it.

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