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Lvl 177 Dredd
744,009 / 934,570190,561 until level up
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Grand master woof of HOWL

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All shall perish before my shattering howl!
  • Experience 55,261,769
  • Growth Today 10,287
  • Link Clicks Today 9
  • Followers 7
  • Commander N/A
Available173,136 Cr
Banked518,588,818 Cr

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A Demon born of ice and snow, so cold that even the flames of the sun can be froze. I am the Wolf, the pack runner, the pack devour-er, there is no other that meets my power or viscous intent.

(To calm the wraith of the fluffy one, spoil him with belly rubs, link clicks, cookies and fluff o,,o)

click my link! ill click back! new players feel free to add me, old players too! if i attack you too much just ask for an alliance i will accept as long as you stay active

Active Skill Effects

Snow wolf has no active skills :(


All Statistics

  • Level 177
  • Experience 55,261,769
  • Guild HOWL
  • Guild Rank Grand master woof
  • Commander N/A
  • Followers 7
  • Offensive 383,410
  • Deffensive 187
  • Raiding 18,123
  • Bounties 2,946
  • MF Level 193
  • Link Clicks 165,403