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  • Leader Deathangel3180
  • Power 15,005
  • Members 8/12/30
  • EXP Gained Today 1,462
  • AVG Experience 30,710,884
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A
Wealth 6,987 Cr


©® Supreme Master ©® Deathangel3180 120
©® Legendary Eagle ©® syberwurx 235
Guardian Elite ☆☆ Alone 105
Guardian Andy 134
Silver deadfrogeater 103
MIA Jrady 174
Silver X_STEWIE_X 85
Bronze Man of DOOM 123
Bronze Lewiy 73
Bronze Oruc 30
Bronze FiveStar 13
MIA Mephistopheles 142


Future Soldiers!

The most active, fastest growing guild in the game!
In Future Soldiers you will have access to years of knowledge in our forums. Get assistance from the biggest players in the game. Join in on the most daily raids. Learn the tips, get the sets to take you to the top!!

When you join Future Soldiers, you will be given access to guild only custom maps, full of NPC's for you to attack and grow! That is not all; The rest you will have to find out for yourself. (smiley)

{Maps and Passwords} to find what you are given upon joining.

NEW!! {Current Guild Missions!}

NEW!! {Current Rank Structure!}

As for Item Vault rules, I would like to direct you to the Guild forum once again: {Vault Rules}

Medals are awarded at our discretion for showing great activity, growth, or attacks.

Most of all, stay active! Nothing is better than having more friendly players! We love you all (smiley)

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Council of Gods30
Total Devastation811,767

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This guild has no enemies.

All Statistics

  • Leader Deathangel3180
  • Power 15,005
  • Members 8/12/30
  • Exp Gained Today 1,462
  • Avg Experience 30,710,884
  • Cash 6,987 Cr
  • Tax Level 0% (currently offline, back soon!)
  • Website N/A
  • Email Address N/A